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Measuring Instruments

Dear Customers,

RT- Service GmbH sells since 6 Years the Measuring Unit named DIGIMESS due to a trademark problem we renamed the unit into D-Mess.
Production and service for all units are still based in Hamburg.

Since the last 20 Years the size of electronic components changed dramatical we have developed a new smaller and better electronic for our D-mess I (Interface) Type. Old models can be modernized with our new electronics.


Cylindermeasurement accurat and reliable. Our new Development, based on the well known Digimess p we create the the new D-Mess I with advanced accuracy and Interface. Accuracy of measurement ( +/- 0,0025 mm) D-mess I our system for Cylindermeasurement on Rotogravure Printingcylinders Impression rollers, Aniloxrollers, direkt result reading in Diameter and Circumference.


  • easy to handle
  • constant measurement results
  • large measuring range
  • no need for realignment or resetting instrument to zero
  • Digital LED display direkt reading of results
  • push button for temperature reading on display
  • independent from power supply with rechargeable NiMh batteries
  • built in Serial Interface
  • the display can show results in mm/°C bzw. Inch/F
  • Data memory for the last 3 Measurements


  • Place D-mess I securely on Cylinder
  • switch on the unit by pushing the power button a systemtest is activated and then 000.000 is indicated. The unit is now ready to use.
  • Push Start button.
  • The Probe moves down to the surface of the object. After contact to the surface the probe returns to parkposition. The results can be seen on the LED- Display.
  • The Data can be send to another PC or Laptop via serial Interface.
  • New our built in memory stores the last 3 measurements if wanted. This memorydata is safe also if you switch down the unit or during change of rechargeable Batteries. New designed smart Powersupply during charging through built in charge control. Easy Handling with membrane panel which is resistant against water and chemicals With each push button operation an accoustic signal is heard for checking.

Technical Data

Cast AIuminium-Specialframe with hardened rails.

Measuring range:

  • size I 70 . 320 mm diam.
  • size II 250 . 500 mm diam.
  • Size III 500 –750 mm diam


  • +/- 0,0025 mm

Accuracy of display:

  • diameter 0,001 mm, 6-digits
  • circumference 0,01 mm. 6-digits
  • Temperature 0,1 °C, 3-digits

Measuring Time:

  • Without Temperature Compensation max. 4 Sec.
  • With Temperature Compensation max. 9 Sec.

Powersupply :

  • 6 rechargeable NiMh-Batteries, Size KR27/50 (easy to change), charger 220/110V, 50/60Hz, smart charge control no overcharge possible


  • 120 mm


  • D-mess-I Größe I/II . 6/6,8 kg

Size (L x W x H):

  • size I 300 x 135 x 380 mm
  • size II 430 x 135 x 410 mm size
  • III on request



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